Life can be so busy with family life and work it can feel like alot of pressure to try and make everything a priority. There are a few very simple things you can include in your child's bedtime  routine that can make a really big difference to their emotional well being and self esteem when used consistently.

1. Positive affirmations- These are unconditional love statements, a way of telling your child why you love them  and not linked to any achievement, success or appearance. You can just simply choose 2 or 3 a night e.g I love you just for being you , I'm so pleased I'm you're mummy/daddy, you don't have to be perfect I love you just as you are, I love you for being the kind/helpful/ fun etc person you are, I love the way you ...e.g laugh/tell jokes/sing etc..

2. Talk about /name 3 things your child has been good at or done well with that day or in general. Initially you might need to support them in thinking of things but as you progress you can encourage your child to think about specific things they've done well at. We used a pebble pot to help us in the beginning putting  a pebble in each time they thought of something and then having a little reward when the pebble pot was full. 

It is really helpful to model this ourselves as it has such a positive impact for children to see us think and talk positively about ourselves too! 

3. Say 3-4 things they are grateful for. Again this is a good opportunity for us to model an 'attitude of gratitiude' by giving our own ideas first. Being able to recognise and practice gratitude for the simple things we have in life can have a really positive effect on our brains and can help children develop those pathways in the brain that helps them to pick out the positive. It can be as simple as a glass of fresh water to drink!