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Mindfulness is a really useful skill to develop to help emotional and mental health. The practise of mindfulness involves helping  our brain to focus on the present moment. So many of our worrying thoughts stem from thinking about things that have happened or might happen. This can lead to us worrying unecssarily about things we have no power over.

By practising simple mindfulness techniques we can focus on what we are doing right now and bring it in to our every day lives. This can help our minds to relax and think more clearly in the present moment. There are lots of different ways to practise mindfulness and everyone might have a different preferred way of doing it. Below you will find some simple ideas you might like to try to get started. I have also placed some links to some really useful resources available however there are sure to be many more available as well should you want to explore more.

A few ideas to try

1. Breathing:

This is a really basic and simple activity but mastering control of our breath is so important to help reduce adrenalin levels in the body which can build up when we are experiencing heightened emotison like anger, excitement or anxiety. Put one hand on your chest and one on your tummy and breathe deep in to the tummy. If you're doing it correctly only the hand on your tummy should move as you breathe in. Repeat this at least 10 times.

2. Snow globe:

Use a snow globe to shake hard and watch the snow or glitter slowy settle. You could encourage your child to notice how their feelings settle as the snow globe settles.

3. Using our senses:

Notice 5 things you can see, close your eyes take a deep breath. Then find 4 things you can feel, close your eyes take a deep breath. Then find 3 things you can smell close your eyes take a deep breath. Then keep your eyes closed and notice 2 things you can hear. Takes a deep breath and notice one thing you can taste.