• Katie Flanagan

First Blog ! Feeling Anxious!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

I'm really not one to share so blogging doesn't feel that comfortable for me but there are so many thoughts that pop up that I often think oh if only I could have included that in my book ! So I thought I would start 'blogging to logging' and put down here those extra thoughts that might be helpful to others. So I hope this is a helpful addition to the website and that it helps anyone who happens to be reading it ! Thank you for visiting the site and feel free to share or comment.

I think one thing I wanted to share on teaching children about vocabulary of feeling anxious is that I thought long and hard about whether it was the 'right thing' to teach them the word for feeling anxious in case it made them feel more anxious. What I realised was that no-one can make us have a feeling, it is either there or is not depending on how our brain is processing what is happening around us and linking it with our experience, thoughts and feelings. Feeling anxious is a really vulnerable feeling and it can really help to connect with others when we are experiencing this emotion.

Often we feel more anxious when we can't verbalise how we are feeling or don't understand what we are experiencing, so learning the correct word to verbalise will in itself help reduce the anxiety. Talking about it helps to reduce the impact on the brain and helps to open up communication with others and find positive solutions to our problems.

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